Safe, effective osteopathy in Woonona NSW

A typical consultation with one of our osteopaths will involve taking your medical history and details of your condition. A physical assessment of your pain and movement is performed to determine a probable diagnosis and treatment approach and plan. In some cases a referral may be necessary or imaging may be required.

The aim of the treatment is to treat you safely, effectively and with your comfort in mind. Techniques range from soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation and manipulation techniques, western dry needling and Kinesio-taping to advice on lifestyle and exercise. The appropriate treatment, or combination of treatments, will be in response to your health presentation and your personal preference. Your osteopath will discuss the type of therapeutic techniques that can be applied, encouraging discussion and understanding of the benefits and side effects, in a respectful and consensual manner.

Treatment time is typically 40 minutes but can be longer where necessary.

An osteopath is a health professional of high standard

Osteopaths such as Dr Lia Conti are registered health professionals that provide consultation and/or manual therapy techniques for patients with musculoskeletal, nerve or circulatory conditions. Osteopathic philosophy is a holistic science that observes the inter-relationships of the anatomy and physiology within a patient’s presentation.

Osteopaths are regulated by Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) and its Osteopathy Board, ensuring high standards of care and ethical conduct.

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